31 Mar

“What else does this craving, and this helplessness, proclaim but that there was once in man a true happiness, of which all that now remains is the empty print and trace? This he tries in vain to fill with everything around him, seeking in things that are not there the help he cannot find in those that are, though none can help, since this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite and immutable object; in other words by God Himself.” -Pascal

Our hearts crave.

Empty patches in our lives.

Let’s be filled with Christ.

You’ll find yourself not only filled, but running over…

Fork in the Road

4 Feb



Sheryl, where do you want to go?

I have tons of answers to this question.

Instead, I will choose to rest in Christ and His perfect plan for me.

I’m grateful for the fork in the road because it reminds me that God is up to something in the background.  His plans for my life cannot be thwarted.  It doesn’t matter if I get overwhelmed with plans and dreams .. His hand has and never will leave me.  I don’t have the energy these days to let my anxious thoughts multiply.

So, I will remind myself that God loves me and that He has only my good in mind.

If you’re in a season where the road you’re on branches into two, trust Him with the fork.  Keep seeking, knocking, and asking.  He isn’t afraid of your questions.  Rest in His plan for you.  Rest in His unending love.


January Fashionista

1 Feb

During the month of January I found myself wearing a lot of.. 



f72cb562af95c90314343ae6829e5864..knitted mittens

857102bad9c027af112feb72acbdc424..bauble necklaces

daca3c48098f3d693b5e7a5807aaec95..statement necklaces over plaid shirts

As you can tell, I’m very much a “comfort over fashion” type of gal.. but in no means do I believe that comfort is void of fashion.  I think they both can go hand-in-hand.  I’m the one walking barefoot at work at every opportunity given.  I prefer skirts over dresses and shorts over pants.  I’ve found a way to ‘dress up’ plaid and now this is my favorite to sport around the workplace.  I love everything and anything knitted, pretty much.  When my knitted items have buttons on them .. even more awesome.

I’ve never been a colorful person (in fashion that is, ha).  I absolutely love to admire color on other people but for whatever reason I tend to go towards the black and navy blues, maroons and deep reds.  This year I told myself I would attempt to put more color into my attire.  I found my (current favorite cardigan!) ‘go-to P.O.C.’ (pop of color) piece and now a week doesn’t go by where I don’t find myself wearing it sometime during the day.  It’s mustard.  Simple buttons.  I love it.

Baubles, beads, and statement necklaces have been so fun to wear with my simple outfits.  They make casual wear look more pulled together.  I wear these a lot at work.  Since I have a strong comfort policy with clothes, I tend to sway towards casual wear, which becomes an issue with a formal attire policy at work.  I’ve noticed that even the small things make casual look more formal.  This includes a pulled-together cardigan or a statement necklace.  If I’m wearing a plaid/flannel top to work, I’m likely to be pairing it with a pencil skirt or black pants.

As I’ve gotten older and I have friends and family who love fashion and never hesitate to tell me what to wear (truth!) .. I’ve learned to not let it bother me.  I’ve become more confident in my own skin.  In my own style.  I’ve learned that I don’t have to look like a Pinterest pin.  I’m certainly not the fashionista at work, but that is more than alright with me.  There’s nothing (in my opinion!) more trendy than adding your own personality to an outfit.

What did you find trending in the fashion world during the month of January?  What are some current pressures you find that fall on women as Pinterest has gone viral and trends are so accessible?  How do you find yourself remaining confident in your own skin?  What is that one item in your closet that you could not do without (slight stretch, but you know what I mean!)?

My one item would have to be my camel-colored riding boots from Banana Republic.

I wear them in and out of season.  They can be dressed up and down.  They’re also one of my most comfortable shoes.

Be bold and creative.  Start your own trend.  February is here.. what do you have in mind??

If you’re not already, follow me on Pinterest!

Super Bowl, Justice, and Prayer

31 Jan

Not much makes my heart happier.. Justice

“Police: High-end drug and prostitution ring busted on Super Bowl week”

Let’s pray.

Let’s beg God to bring justice.

Please sign up for a time to pray.  They are 30min intervals, but please don’t be intimidated by that.. we’re simply chatting with God.. about bringing hope to these ladies and shedding light on that which is dark..

Sign up here!

Thank-you for those who have already signed up and please continue to spread the word.

Love you, friends.


Fringes of Faith

31 Jan

I was reading about the woman with the issue of blood in Matthew this evening.

“If I only touch the fringe of His garment, I will be well.”

The Bible does not give her a name.

I’m sure she was overlooked by many physicians.  Her family probably isolated her.

She was one in the multitudes that simply got lost in the crowd.

Why is she even in the Bible??

I mean, how many healing stories are there performed by Jesus in the New Testament?  What’s the point in yet another one?

I can’t help but hone in on that simple one-liner phrase said by her.

This lady was in such a state of desperation, she did not care about who was around her or what it took to get to Jesus.  She was not going to let anyone stand in the way of her reaching the fringes of the Savior.

Yes, you heard right.. the fringes.

Not the entirety.. or the full package.. but the hem of His clothing.

Can you imagine such faith?

No wonder this lady is in the Bible!  Who needs a name when your faith is recognized.  So many of us have names .. trendy ones .. fancy ones .. some have complicated ones .. but the faith is what we are lacking.  We want the fullness of God, but we don’t want to actually pursue the journey to get there.  We love the glamorized story of coming to Jesus, but the broken raw ones are what we shudder at.

Do we truly believe that even the outermost part of Jesus’ clothing can completely transform our situation around?  Probably not.  This really gets me thinking.  What would our lives look like with such faith?  How would people perceive the Gospel if we lived life in such a radical desperation to Christ?

This no-name lady inspires me!

Gosh, I want to be able to push past life and all of its crazy obstacles to simply touch the fringes of His garment and believe that even the outermost part of His being will redeem, heal, and restore my brokenness.

The past.

The present.

The future.

I want faith that’ll completely overshadow my name, my face, and any other description about me that society holds dear.  I don’t want people to remember my name years after I’m gone.  What does it even matter?  I would love for them to remember my utter need for a Savior and my faith to push past all odds and ends to press into Him.  I’d love to meet that lady one day and hear her whole story.  Maybe we could exchange stories someday.  I would tell her how she inspired me to press on to know Him more.  I would tell her that her humility made me see how big my sinful heart was.  Lastly, I would thank God for putting her story in the book of Matthew and not focusing in on her identity but rather emphasizing the transformational faith she had.  Faith that could have only come from her Creator.

“..for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.”


6 Jan

Everyone who knows me, knows I hate confrontation.

I loathe it.

Everything about it makes me cringe.. and cry.. and it simply scares me.

I think that’s why my writing has been so erratic lately.

I went from months of writing daily to (on a ‘good season’) writing possibly once every couple months.

I’ll get a push and I’m writing a novel, but I find myself quickly falling into a lull of silence.

I’m petrified to confront myself.

It took me a LONG time to write this blog.

I had this blank screen open for months.


I couldn’t figure out why my mind came up blank each time I came to my screen with the intention of writing.  I have an unfinished book I’m writing. Plenty of unfinished songs. A journal that has been blank for weeks.

I would read blog after blog, book upon book.. searching for just a drip of inspiration to go off of.  I would put my “inspirational writing” playlist on — cranking it up louder and louder.


I never considered myself a writer growing up.  The title was just placed on me organically.  I never understood why people saw anything more than a girl thinking out loud.  My writing became safe and I found myself hiding behind the pen.  This was enough to make me stop.

Tonight I began thinking about something Fran Lebowitz said:  “I have a hard time writing. Most writers have a hard time writing. I have a harder time than most because I’m lazier than most. I would have made a perfect heiress. I enjoy lounging. And reading. The other problem I have is fear of writing. The act of writing puts you in confrontation with yourself, which is why I think writers assiduously avoid writing.” 

Spot on.

I will confront myself.. no matter how scary it is.

I will write again.  

If not for my sake, then for His.

Even So, Come Quickly.

1 Dec

This week in America a few things are happening all over:

  • Talks of gratitude and thankfulness
  • Family & friends gather together
  • Food coma
  • Massive store lines
  • Heavy traffic.. everywhere

Yet, in parts of the world, this seems as minute as ‘talking about the weather’.

I came across a devastating article on Christianity Today this morning.

A 7-year old boy in India was tortured and killed for his belief in Christ.

He was mutilated in every way .. and then after the cutting, slashing, tying up and burning .. they threw him in a pond where he eventually died from drowning.  I read this and every part of me boiled.  Maybe it’s because I have nieces and nephews around this age.  I pray for them daily.  I pray that the Lord would protect them from the madness of this world and that they would come to Jesus.  Yesterday.

I think about this child. 

I wonder what could have caused such evil to abduct a child after leaving his Sunday School class.  Alone and defenseless.

I think about the parents.

I’m sure they never thought they would be burying their child .. ever.  It’s not in the natural state of order.  My heart grieves and breaks for them.  I pray for their faith.  I pray God gives them waves of grace and mercy as they suffer through this agonizing pain.  I pray that they somehow receive peace in the midst of a million questions.

I think about God.

I can’t imagine how much His heart grieves over His own creation killing one another for the sake of their gods and idols.  How MUCH mercy He bestows upon us to repent of our sins and to turn to Him.  Naturally, it almost seems foolish.  Over and over.  Chance after chance.  I know this little boy is in the arms of Jesus.  He suffered for the sake of Christ.  Many of us will never see such suffering.  We will never have to defend our faith in such a way.

I pray that our grip on this earthly home would be held loosely.  This is not our home.  I pray that we would cling to the Cross of Christ.. and that if we were asked to suffer for the glory of God that we would somehow be brave enough to do so.  God never said this life would be all warm fuzzies and sprinkles.  At times we would be called to be suffering servants of the King.  I pray that I can do that well.

I’m grateful that nothing can stop the Gospel from spreading all over the world.. not even bullies who think they have the power of life and death in their hands.  God is Sovereign over all things and will use these tragic, horrific trials for His glory.  I pray that those men would come to Christ.  I pray that they would radically come to love the Cross.  I pray that the Lord would bring justice and defend the defenseless.  I pray that He would be the advocate that He promises us in the Word that He is.

Even so, come quickly Lord.


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